Sociology | Advanced Topics: Sociology of Religion
S660 | 28908 | Steensland

S660	Advanced Topics	  (3 cr)
Topic:  Sociology of Religion
28908	12:30-2:20P, R    BH 843
Brian Steensland

The sociology of religion focuses on the social aspects of religious
life, including empirical analyses of religious beliefs, practices,
symbols, and institutions; and the causes and consequences of
individual and collective religious orientations. This graduate
seminar will be divided into three broad sections. The first section
will focus on classic texts in the sociology of religion, including
readings from Marx, Weber, and Durkheim. The second section will
focus on writings by contemporary leaders in the field (e.g.,
Bellah, Berger, Wuthnow, Stark, Smith, and Chaves) and some
contemporary topical areas (e.g., secularization, market models of
religiosity, fundamentalism, religious conflict, religion and
politics). The third section will focus on religion and social
justice, including issues related to poverty, race relations, social
service provision, urban problems, and the like.