Telecommunications | Honors Seminar in Industry and Management
S453 | 16681 | McGregor, M.

Tel-S 453 Honors Seminar in Industry and Management
Class Number 16681
Topic:  Going Digital
Michael A. McGregor

Course Objectives

This honors seminar will consider the transition from analog to
digital transmission in the telecommunications industries and how
that transition has influenced—and been influenced by--policy
decisions, advances in technology, and creative imperatives.   We
will consider a variety of perspectives on the efficacy of the
digital transition as well as its effects on the consuming public.

Class format

Most class sessions will feature a combination of lecture and
discussion.  At the end of the semester we will adopt a seminar
format during which students will lead the class and present their

Students will be evaluated based upon completion of a significant
research project, a final examination, and class

Required Texts

1.  Nuechterlein and Weiser (2005).  Digital Crossroads. MIT Press.

2.  Cianci (2007).  HDTV and the Transition to Digital
Broadcasting.  Focal Press.

3.  Warner (2005).  Pop Music:  Technology and Creativity.  Ashgate

4.  Reserve readings.

5.  Communications Headlines service provided by the Benton
Foundation.  Go to, then to the Communication link.
There you will be able to access the daily communications headline

Class meets 11:15am-12:30pm, TR, TV 169

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