Telecommunications | WTIU Production Workshop
T437 | 14607 | Winninger, J.

T 437  WTIU Our Town: Course Description:
	WTIU public television seeks 3 - 6 students for
participation in a
continuing television series, entitled “Our Town.”  This production
will showcase a community in the station’s 23-county southern
Indiana broadcast area.  Working under the supervision of John
Winninger, Senior Producer with WTIU, and utilizing HD equipment,
students in OUR TOWN will help in the production of a television
documentary about these communities.
	The communities of Spencer, Bedford, Seymour, Greencastle
and Martinsville have been featured in the past few years.  The
format is to looks at the town’s history, any folklore, and
interviews with the citizens, leading industries or businesses, the
people of the community, and predictions about future developments
within theses towns.  The course will include traveling, meeting
with townspeople to determine interesting stories in the community,
researching, writing, videotaping and editing segments for the 40 -
50 minute program pledge version and a longer version for DVD
distribution by WTIU.
	In addition, this fall I will be working also on the SPIRIT
OF MONROE COUNTY documentary that will be produced in HD.
Some of the duties will include: identified the interviewee’s for
field production, events to cover, photographic and graphic design,
scanning, working with Photoshop, logging and editing on AVID HD all
with the WTIU Producer.
	This program will be broadcast as a featured program with a
90 - 120 minute time slot on WTIU for the March 2009 Membership
Campaign. Participating students will receive 1 or 3 credit hours
and an on- screen credit in the television program as a production
assistant, a segment producer and camera/editor.  This is a very
hands-on designed class, and an arranged flexible schedule is
required.  We will meet weekly at a mutually agreed time for
production planning meetings and training on the AVID editing.  A
journal will be kept and a final paper is required for a part of the
	Prerequisites:  T351 Field Production is a required
prerequisite for this class. Experience with Photoshop, Final Cut
Pro and AVID
Editing systems are most desirable. The class participation requires
Authorization of instructor based upon an interview and review of
Previous works.

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