Telecommunications | Directed Group New Media Design Project
T575 | 13187 | Gillespie, T.

T570 is a project-based studio course in which students from a
variety of disciplines work together in small teams on a variety of
projects: card games, board games, live action role-playing games.
This is a class about design, play testing and publishing great
games. All students in the class will be involved in all aspects of
basic game development. You will develop a range of game ideas in
various formats, discuss the ideas, further develop the ideas in
groups, play test their ideas, produce finished games and begin the
process of publishing their games. The goal is to play ideas into

Previous designs turned into:

None of these projects were completed in a term but the design
process started in T570 and the design continued into T575.

The class website is at

T575 is a group design project class usually working on designs
already developed with existing teams of designers.