Telecommunications | The Networked Society
T610 | 27021 | Sawhney, H.

In this seminar we will examine the rise of the networked society
and the physical infrastructure that undergirds it.  We will start
by discussing the social, economic, and cultural forces that set
into motion the movement towards the networked society.  We will
then analyze how large-scale networks, the physical infrastructure
of a networked society, are conceptualized and created.  How
metaphors shape our thoughts?  How are investment decisions made
when there is so much uncertainty about future demand?  Why are the
hierarchical networks getting transformed into flatter structures?
After examining the infrastructure development process, we will
discuss the new modes of social organization made possible by large-
scale networks.  Why are we seeing the advent of networked
organizations and other networked configurations?  How are these
configurations different from the earlier ones?  What is their
impact on our everyday lives?  We will approach these issues via
readings from diverse disciplines -- economics, political science,
public affairs, cultural geography, regional planning, cultural
studies, history, information science, education, and
communications.  You are most welcome to make your own contribution
to the brew!

The core materials will be similar to those used for this seminar in
2007.  The old syllabus is available at: