African Studies | Topics in African Studies
L400 | 12254 | Maria Grosz-Ngate

Development & Globalization in Africa

Development and Africa have often appeared as twin terms in popular
and policy discourses whereas Africa has been conspicuous by its
absence or its inclusion as a negative case in most discussions of
globalization.  Why is Africa so strongly identified with
development but not with globalization?  What are Africansí
experiences with development and globalization?  These questions
underpin our inquiry in this course.  We begin with an overview of
development and globalization theories and debates and consider how
development and globalization have come to overlap in recent years.
We then study development practices and processes of globalization
and the ways in which Africans (women and men, young and old, rural
and urban, elite and non-elite) have lived, engaged with, and
responded to the ideas, institutions, and actors implicated in
development and globalization. Topics such as the role of non-
governmental organizations in development, commodities and markets,
consumption and transnational migration, education, religious
movements and media, resource extraction and the environment, and
human rights will frame our readings and discussions.