Anthropology | Archaeology in the Political Present
A410 | 27307 | Pyburn

Archaeology plays an important role in many areas of daily life in the
modern world. Everything from the ethnic identity of individuals to
the political motives of angry mobs can be traced to claims about the
past based on the material record. Archaeologists have traditionally
been oblivious to their impact outside the academy, but in the last
ten years there has been a movement toward both political
consciousness and social activism.

In this class we will consider the role of archaeology in the
political present, including the ramifications of a passive approach
to scholarship as well as the implications of various types of
advocacy that attract some archaeologists. The class materials will
include the reflexive application of anthropological methods to
undrestand archaeologists and their practices as a social group within
an historical period.

There will be a heavy reading load and students will be responsible
for class discussion and group projects. The final will be either an
in class essay exam or a 20 page term paper. Class participation,
group work and the final will be evenly counted in the determination
of the final grade.

Readings will come from professional journals, there will be no
textbook. Students will be required to come to class and will lose
points from their final grade for unexcused absences. Only original
work will be accepted and plagiarism will be considered grounds for
dismissal from the class.