Anthropology | Internship-Teaching Anth
A521 | 1091 | Sievert

This seminar/workshop has two goals. The first is to provide some
foundation in educational theory with a focus on perspectives in
anthropology education. You will read material that examines how
undergraduates learn, along with results of some studies of college
teaching. The second is to provide practical information about what to
expect as an AI, and what to expect as a future professor of
anthropology. There will be some teaching tips, workshops and
applications dealing with testing, grading, assessment, and other
topics. We will monitor how the classes you are working with are
proceeding throughout the semester, and provide information regarding
problem solving and course development. We will also draw on the
experience and expertise of individuals in other facets of the
university, such as the Campus Writing Program, who will offer
workshops and discussions with our group. Near the end of the semester
we will move toward broader discussions of anthropology programs, how
they are framed, and what they need. This should get you thinking
about how to construct courses from scratch, and how to develop new
course ideas.

Each week there will be time for problem-solving and discussion based
on what you may be doing at any particular moment in your class,
followed by directed topical discussions. You will be asked to sit in
on and observe classes in areas other than your subfield. Depending on
what courses you are involved in, there will be peer observations.
Later in the course you will develop microteachings (short lessons on
a specific topic), and teach the rest of us.

As a final project, there will be course development, in which you
will create course outlines, pick readings and devise assessment
techniques for a course of your own. Response papers, a textbook
review, and a lecture evaluation will also be included among the


Curzan, Anne and Lisa Damour. 2000. First Day to Final Grade: A
Graduate Student's Guide to Teaching. University of Michigan
And other readings