Anthropology | Evolution of Human Cognition
B600 | 30335 | Schoenemann

This seminar will consider the evolution of cognition from a variety
of perspectives.  One focus will be on hominid anatomical evolution,
particularly those aspects relevant to the evolution of human behavior
(e.g., neuroanatomy).  Another focus will be on non-human primate
behavior, both in the wild and in the lab.  We will also consider the
archaeological evidence left by Pleistocene humans that may be
relevant to this question.  Aspects of cognition to be considered
include language, spatial abilities, planning, emotion, and other
higher cognitive functions.  Participants will have the opportunity to
take an active role in influencing the direction of the seminar
towards areas of their particular interest.  The goal of the seminar
will be to integrate research from many fields of inquiry in order to
gain a better understanding of the human condition.