Anthropology | Human Diversity:Rethinking Race Globally
E210 | 27317 | Greene

Who invented the term "race" and what does it mean?  Is race a
legitimate way to talk about human diversity?  If so, with what social
and scientific understanding?  If not, what other terms might we
employ to substitute or complement discussions regarding racial
matters?  In this course we seek to address these broad questions
about human diversity in terms of the legacy of the concept of race.
To do so we will identify how anthropology and related disciplines
have played a fundamental role in shaping our understanding about
physical variation, culture, gender, and language as means to talk
about differences in the human species.  We will also identify the
multiple ways in which such academic thought has fundamentally
misconceived human difference in order to perpetuate stereotypes,
justify various forms of domination, and to propagate simple
misunderstandings instead of recognizing the complex interactions that
exist between physical variation and social constructions of human
difference.  We will examine ideas from past and present; and read
about current cases from different parts of the globe.