Anthropology | Anthropology of Contemporary Japan
E347 | 29671 | Sterling

Above class meets 2nd eight weeks only

"The Anthropology of Contemporary Japan" frames in anthropological
perspective the history, present and future of Japanese society. The
course explores anthropological research on Japanese attitudes toward
ethnic and national identity; gender and education; and the
wide-ranging impact of Japan’s economic decline on attitudes towards
work, play, consumption, and travel overseas. The course is divided
into two main sections. The first considers “traditional” Japanese
society as a context for the second, and focal, section of the course
on contemporary Japan. Traditional cultural production is examined,
for instance, as one context for investigating such contemporary
popular cultural forms as comic books, fashion, animation, sports and
cuisine. The course considers the social, economic and political terms
under which these cultural forms have become globally disseminated,
particularly to East Asia and the United States.  It finally considers
Japan's engagements with foreign culture in both these regions and beyond.