Anthropology | Problems in Zooarchaeology
P426 | 27407 | Scheiber

This seminar is designed for undergraduate and graduate students
interested in using zooarchaeology in their own work.  The course will
address various topics within the field of zooarchaeology, such as
recording data, methods of quantification, taphonomy, and the uses of
faunal analyses for interpreting past social practices.  This course
is intended to teach students how to create appropriate research
designs around the interpretation of animal remains and to incorporate
these research designs into their own work.  Students will explore
these issues through readings, lectures, discussions, and laboratory
analyses.  Coursework will focus on literature review, lab
methodology, quantification, and report preparation.  The goal of the
course is NOT to teach students to identify animal bones, but they
will have the opportunity to work with skeletal collections in the
William R. Adams Zooarchaeology Laboratory.  Students should expect to
spend some time in the lab outside of normal classroom hours.