Business | BUS G 202 Corporate Social Strategy
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BUS G 202 Corporate Social Strategy (2 cr.) P: ECON-E 201 or ECON-S 201 with a grade
of C or better. G202 is an I-Core prerequisite that is required of all business
majors. This course is intended to make you aware of the broad range of ways in
which the non-market environment—especially government policy—affects business,
and give you an understanding of the process through which businesses and other
special interest groups create and change the rules of the game under which they
function. In today’s economy, successful business strategy entails more than outmaneuvering
rival companies; managers must also devise strategies to cope with the global, non-market
forces that confront businesses and other forms of organization. Managers need to
understand how public policy is made and how special interest groups, including
their own businesses, can affect the policy process. This is true both for the CEO
of a multinational corporation dealing with multiple governments and the administrator
for a local partnership trying to deal with city officials.