Business | BUS G 303 Game Theory for Business Strategy
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BUS G 303 Game Theory for Business Strategy (3 cr.) P: (ECON-E 201 or ECON-S 201)
and BUS-G 304 with grades of C or better. Game theory, a traditional tool for academic
economists, has become increasingly popular in the business world and is an essential
tool of economic consultants. A major in Business Economics and Public Policy must
have more than a rudimentary knowledge of Game Theory. Managerial decisions are
not static and cannot be made in isolation. A manager must take into account and
react to the “moves” of rival firms, government, and his or her subordinates and
superiors within the company. Game theory is designed for the study of these types
of interactions. The ultimate aim of the course is to strengthen your ability to
think strategically in business situations, rather than to teach you facts or theories.
To achieve this aim, we will iterate between theory and practice. We will use both
formal case studies and real world examples to sharpen our strategic thinking skills.