Business | BUS G 400 Workshop on Economic Consulting
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BUS G 400 Workshop on Economic Consulting (3 cr.) P: I-Core with grades of C or
better. This workshop intends to develop or sharpen those skills that are associated
with a successful consultant. A good economic consultant must be able to ask the
right questions, possess a strong analytical background, and be able to communicate
findings and recommendations effectively to his or her client. By analytical background,
we mean familiarity with sound economic thinking; ability to create or use financial,
econometric, statistical, or other types of modeling; effective command of spreadsheets,
statistical software, and databases. In addition to all of the foregoing, a successful
consultant must demonstrate a professional attitude, good judgment, the ability
to work well both individually and as part of a team, and the ability to work under
pressure without compromising on work quality. The student who takes this course
is expected to be highly motivated and have basic diagnostic, analytical, and communication
skills. A workshop signals a highly interactive structure between faculty and students.