Business | BUS J 411 Analysis of Business Decisions*
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BUS J 411 Analysis of Business Decisions* (1.5 cr.) P: I-Core. NOTE: offered fall
semester only. This course adds to the knowledge and skills gained in the strategy
portion of I-Core (J370). It explores various strategic modes, concepts, and frameworks
essential in analyzing complex, business problems. Students will learn how to use
external and internal analyses as inputs into the strategic formulation and implementation
processes.  *For purposes of scheduling, J411 and J420 will be treated as a single
course. Although one course will be offered in the first 8 weeks of the semester
and the second course in the last 8 weeks of the semester, the student cohorts will
be identical and the rooms, days of the week, and times will also be identical.
Consulting Workshop students who are in the Business Honors Program and have taken
J304 will be exempt from taking J411 and will be assigned a separate section of
J420 for Consulting Workshop students.