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BUS K 201 The Computer in Business (3 cr.) K201 is an I-Core prerequisite that is
required of all business majors. It provides an introduction to the role of computers
and other information technologies in business. It provides instruction in both
functional and conceptual computer literacy. Conceptual computer literacy is the
focus of the weekly lecture. After introducing the basic concepts of computer use,
these lectures devote special attention to current technological innovation in social
and business environments. Topics include technology and organizational change,
telecommunications, privacy in the information age, and business security on the
Internet. Functional computer literacy is the focus of the weekly discussion section,
which meets twice a week in a computer lab. This part of the course presents an
introduction to two of the most widely used database and spreadsheet packages: Microsoft
Access and Microsoft Excel. Students learn, via hands-on examples, many of the powerful
tools contained in these two packages, with emphasis on how to analyze a variety
of business problems with Access and Excel. The goal is not to teach these packages
in an abstract sense, but rather to show how they can be applied to real business
problems to help make important decisions.