Business | BUS P 304 Operations Management: Honors
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BUS P 304 Operations Management: Honors (3 cr.) P: A100, A201, A202, G202, K201,
L201, X104, X204, X201, X220, ECON-E 201, ECON-E 370, ENG-W 131, MATH-M 118, MATH-M
119 (all with grades of C or better) and admission to the Business Honors Program.
C: F304, I304, J304, and M304; students are administratively enrolled. Part of Honors
I-Core. A survey course concerned with the activity associated with the production
of goods and services. Topics include quality management, process design, capacity
management, materials management (including materials requirements planning and
the just-in-time inventory system), and project management.