Criminal Justice-COLL | Courts and Criminal Justice
P602 | 27472 | Luskin

This seminar will address the multi-disciplinary theoretical and
empirical literature on the nature and operation of courts. We will
begin by considering the place of courts in the political system,
including the structure of state and federal court systems.  The
focus will be on trial courts in relation to and as part of the
criminal justice system.  We will consider both individual-level,
discretionary decision-making and the relationship between courts
and their communities and how this relationship impacts their
internal organization, culture, and decisions.  By the conclusion of
the course, students should have framed a theoretically-informed
research question with respect to courts and criminal justice,
assessed the empirical literature related to this question, and
designed a study to investigate it.

Class meeting:  Wednesdays, 5:45-8:15, SY 146

Instructor: Professor Mary Lee Luskin, criminal justice department