Collins Living Learning Center | On the History of Cloning
L100 | 28463 | Christina Brandt

Since "Dolly" the sheep, cloning is one of the most controversially debated issues in life
sciences. However, the recent ethical, philosophical or political discussions on cloning are
not totally new. Already in the 1970s, we find an intense public debate about cloning and its
supposed consequences on human beings. Furthermore, scientific visions of controlling
human reproduction go back to at least the early 20th century when the new field of
reproductive biology emerged. In this course, we will trace the history of cloning (and related
practices of controlling reproduction) through the 20th century. A special focus will be on the
public perception and the utopian/dystopian thinking that provided a shifting framework for
the cultural interpretation of cloning and reproduction research in the course of the 20th
century. This course is taught by visiting scholar-in-residence, Christine Brandt from the
Max Planck Institute in Berlin, brought to IU in collaboration with the dept. of History and
Philosophy of Science.