Collins Living Learning Center | The Art of Yoga
L100 | 8049 | Allana Radecki

Hatha Yoga is a living art, which balances and refines each individual through breath and the
practice of positions called asanas. The health of the body-systems, our emotional,
intellectual and spiritual development are all benefited by even the simplest of practices. In
this class students will learn a well-rounded practice of essential yoga asanas, guided by the
breath. The class will also introduce students to understanding the body-systems, the
principles of developmental movement and sound body mechanics to increase the ability to
move from the inside out and have a more accomplished and enjoyable practice. Yoga
stimulates and refines all the senses, and we will use a variety of movement explorations,
visual art, music, dance, and expository writing to refine our awareness and further our
experience of the art of Yoga. This class is appropriate for beginners and experienced
practitioners who want to develop a deeper practice.