Collins Living Learning Center | This is Sparta!
L220 | 7938 | Gabriel Grabarek

The legacy of Sparta has intrigued the minds of civilization's greatest thinkers, and has been
utilized as a foundation for governments, warfare, and societies.  With the release of '300',
interest has been renewed in Sparta, a society in which the only way to be honored with a
grave was, for women, to die in childbirth, and, for men, to die in battle.  This course
examines Spartan society and history, including the strong role of women, the
educational/training system, and the Spartan phalanx.  We will approach Spartan society
from a myriad of perspectives in order to best understand her lasting influence.  Our chief
objective is to ascertain how and why this unique and short-lived society has become a
model of perfection throughout the ages.  By reading ancient texts, exploring modern
governments, reliving battles, and (of course!) watching films, we will truly understand what
it means to be a Spartan.