Communication and Culture | Methods of Ethnographic Research in Communication and Culture
C507 | 27520 | Goodman, J.

Th, 10:30 AM-1:00 PM, C2 272

Meets with CULS-C 701

Open to Graduates Only!

Instructor: Jane Goodman
Office: C2 227
Phone: 855-3232

The course explores ethnographic research methods in the study of
communication and culture.  It is designed explicitly to connect the
three departmental “topoi” – performance, public discourse, and
media – under the rubric of ethnography.  We address a range of
theoretical and methodological issues involved in constructing
ethnographies of performance, text, public discourse, and media. The
course begins by considering current questions related to
ethnographic research practices, including ethnographic authority,
ethics, intersubjectivity, and time and space.  Through a series of
case studies, we then look at how various communicative practices
ranging from live performances to multimedia events have been
approached ethnographically.  Throughout the semester, students work
on their own ethnography projects in the Bloomington area.
Assignments include an analysis of an interview; an ongoing
fieldwork journal; a seminar paper; and several class presentations.

Topics covered will likely include:

What Is Ethnography Inquiry?
Classic Methods: Participant Observation, Fieldnotes, Interviews
Ethics and Ethnography
Siting the “Field”: The Space-Time of Ethnography
The Politics of Representation
Feminist and Dialogical Ethnography
Ethnography of Performance
Ethnography of Public Discourse
Ethnography of Cyberspace
Ethnography of Television / Television as Ethnography
Film as Ethnography