Comparative Literature | Major Characters in Literature: Bad Company
C145 | ALL | Jeff Johnson

Please see Schedule of Classes for sections/times.

meets A&H, Cultural Studies Requirements and fulfills the COLLEGE,
School of Business and School of Education composition requirements
when taken with English W143.

Finally, a good reason to hang out with the wrong people and get
credit for it: charismatic, deceitful, mysterious, cursed,
unpredictable people. We will see just what makes a character a bad
influence, how that influence spreads, and what other characters do
about it. All sections will read Shakespeare’s Othello, Sophocles’
Oedipus at Colonus, and Herman Melville’s final masterpiece Billy
Budd. This is your chance to meet Iago, Othello’s friend and one of
Shakespeare’s most famous villains. Sophocles shows us what happens to
the man who killed his father and married his mother, while Melville’s
hero is so angelic he creates a scandal on the high seas. Each section
will read additional works unique to that section that may include
short stories, poetry, novels, and drama. Individual sections may also
include television, art, music, and film.
This course focuses on developing skills in critical thinking, clear
communication, and persuasive composition. The workload includes three
essays, mid-term and final exams, as well as shorter writing
assignments. For composition credit, students must follow this course
with CMLT-BE 146 (“Major Themes in Literature”) in the spring
semester. Both BE 145 and BE 146 are automatically bundled with
English W143, a one credit hour addition, to certify composition
credit on your transcript.