Comparative Literature | Cul/Mod Exp: Interdis/Int'l App: Hollywood vs Nollywood
C155 | 10171 | Prof. Adrien Pouille

Second 8-weeks
MTWR 5:45 pm - 7:00 pm
3 cr.
fulfills A&H, CS requirements

Different in terms of production, international appeal and longevity,
Hollywood and Nollywood (Nigeria) cinema industries are today
producers of a genre of movie heavily marked by elements of the
supernatural.  The popularity of this specific film genre among
spectators on both sides of the Atlantic begs for a comparative study
of Hollywood movies such as Harry Potter, The Lord of Rings and
Nollywood films such as Thunderbolt that make extensive use of the
occult. Adding documentaries, scholarly and popular magazine articles
to our tools of investigation, we will look for more points of
convergence and/or divergence between the Hollywood and Nollywood
occult movies, reasons for their appeal among spectators, and we will
see what they suggest about the modern viewer.