Comparative Literature | Book Bites: Food Literature
C200 | TBA | Halloran

TR 9:30-10:45
3 cr.
A&H and IW credit

In this course, we will read examples of influential food writing from
the nineteenth century until today to learn more about how people use
food to express their needs, desires and particular predilections.  By
juxtaposing texts from multiple genres—philosophy, memoir, novel, food
reviews, and journalistic exposé—and from various countries, this
course asks you to appreciate the wide impact that food has on how
people see themselves, their relationship to each other and to their
environment. You will learn how to critique writing about food,
whether in fiction or literary nonfiction, as well as to write
analytically about food yourself. This class carries A&H and Intensive
Writing credit. Assignments will include four short, formal essays and
a revision. Also, you will be required to eat out at least once and
formally review your meal.