Comparative Literature | Literary and Television Genres
C252 | 8189 | Claire van den Broek

TR 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm
Fulfills A & H requirment

In this course, we will examine the nature of genre in a variety of
television shows, stories and other texts. We will discuss the
ideological and practical implications and limits of genres by
comparing the differences within each genre as it is represented in
literature and television. These genres include: biography/memoirs,
reality TV, detective fiction, SciFi, diaspora literature, comedy
and others.

Some of the questions we will try to answer include: What is a genre
and what are the possibilities and limitations of genre? Has the
20th century evolution in the media (tv, internet videos, etc.)
changed the idea of a genre? How did literature depict the same
genres before the advent of television?  How do both television and
literature blur the boundaries between fiction and reality? Has
television created genres that cannot exist in literature, or vice
versa? To answer these questions, we will compare texts with TV
shows every week, as well as other media. (There will be a separate
time for TV showings). Texts/shows may include Kings (Bible & TV),
Battlestar Galactica, Little Mosque on the Prairie, Sherlock Holmes,
CSI or Bones, Bridget Jonesí Diary, Sex and the City, Kafka, the 7-
Up series, Sarte and Red Dwarf.