Comparative Literature | Cross-Cultural Encounters: Culture Clash
C262 | 27529 | J. Johnson

Meets:  MW 11:15 – 12:30
Provides Art and Humanities and Cultural Studies A credits

When cultures collide, what happens to the people who get caught in
the middle? Can they save their culture, create a new one, or learn
to live in someone else’s? What do they see when they look across
the cultural divide: themselves, an alien, a lover, a better way of
life, the demise of civilization itself? We will see cultures and
their conflicts defined by language, religion, politics, gender,
love, and economics. Our authors come from ancient Rome (Tacitus),
medieval France (Christine de Pizan), 19th century America (Herman
Melville), and modern South Africa (J.M. Coetzee). The scope of the
course welcomes students interested in literature, history,
geography, cultural studies, religion, political science, sociology,
and gender studies. We will examine how authors represent the
meeting of cultures real and imagined, and especially how tales of
foreign lands reflect on the cultures of the characters’ homelands.
Workload will consist of two analytical essays, a final exam, short
papers, and quizzes. There are no prerequisites for this course;
however, completion of the university composition requirement is
highly recommended.  For more information: