Comparative Literature | Topics in Non-Western Film: African Cinema and Politics
C291 | 27530 | Prof. Akin Adesokan

MW 11:15-12:30

This is a course which focuses on politics as a topical issue in
contemporary African cinema. Working through the popular assumption
that new generation African filmmakers prefer to deal with formal
and aesthetic issues at the expense of the kind of political
filmmaking which preoccupied their precursors, the course looks at
recent films which give equal weight to politics and aesthetics.
Readings, screenings and class discussions will focus on a number of
issues, including the relationship between art and everyday life,
the impact of immigration and professional mobility on contemporary
cinema, and the economics of filmmaking. Films to be studied may
include Bamako, The Night of Truth, Moolaade, Amazing Grace,
Sometimes in April, and Ezra.