Comparative Literature | The History and Theory of Translation
C580 | TBA | Losensky

This seminar will explore the burgeoning field of translation studies
and the central role of translation in the field of comparative
literature. A survey of the history of translation, with emphasis on
the English tradition, will provide the background for an in-depth
examination of modern developments in translation theory.  Concepts
such as translatability, dynamic equivalence, naturalization, and
reception will be analyzed in relation with various models of
language, social communication, and poetics. Participants in this
seminar will be expected to play an active role in presenting
theoretical readings to class and leading discussions of the material.
Our discussions of theory will be complemented by the presentation,
critique, and preparation of actual translations. Each participant
will be asked to research the translation history of a key work or
genre from one foreign literature into English and to consider the
implications of theoretical models through short translation projects.
Required texts: The Translation Studies Reader, edited by Lawrence
Venuti, second edition (New York, 2004); The Oxford Guide to
Literature in English Translation, edited by Peter France (Oxford,
2000); and a volume of the Penguin series Poets in Translation to be
determined. These texts will be supplemented by other selected
readings available in electronic format.