College of Arts and Sciences | Power, Politics, and Piety
E103 | 7759 | Magid

1:25 PM - 2:15 PM MW
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This course will examine the political situation in Israel/Palestine
from historical, theological, and cultural perspectives with special
emphasis given to questions of nationalism and territorialism.  We
will read primary and secondary literature dealing with modern
nationalism and territory, the concept of "land" in Judaism and
Islam (using primary sources in translation), the history of Zionism
and Palestinian Nationalism, the rise of the anti-nationalist
Islamist movement including its roots in British colonialism.  We
will explore the rise of nationalism in the Middle East more
generally including its secular, Marxist, and Islamist roots and
will read some classical and contemporary Zionist debates on bi-
nationalism, militarism and territorial compromise, and the more
contemporary discussion in Israel and Palestine in the media and in
the academy.  This is not a political science course-meaning we will
not debate policy, legislation, and predictions for the future.
Rather, we will examine the underlying theological and cultural
roots of the political crisis founded on the relationship between
territory and national identity.  At the end of the semester we will
turn to some political commentary on issues of territory and
resolution including the Israeli Declaration of Independence, Camp
David II, the Hamas Charter, the Geneva Accords, and the Saudi
Arabia Peace Plan.