College of Arts and Sciences | Brains and Minds, Robots and Computers
E104 | 9838 | Scheutz

2:30 PM - 3:45 PM MW
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Part of Themester 2009 "Evolution, Diversity and Change"

This course introduces topics in the Cognitive Sciences. As a survey
course, it touches on all aspects of this interdisciplinary and
rapidly-evolving field. The course addresses topics such as the mind
and brain, artificial intelligence, embodied cognition, cyborgs,
robotics, social interactions and complex systems, the wisdom of
crowds, social foraging and the representation of knowledge. Special
units may involve topics such as Mindstorms Robotics and video games
in society.

This course is not an explicit prerequisite for 200- and 300- level
Cognitive Science courses, but serves as an introduction to the
field and is recommended for students who are considering a
Cognitive Science major or minor.