College of Arts and Sciences | Study Abroad: When You Return
X311 | 7850 | Staff

This course meets in the Global Village LLC (Foster-Martin 012B) for
the first 8 weeks only.  Obtain permission to register from the
Office of Overseas Study (812) 855-7003.

This first 8-week course provides students returning from overseas
study with practical advice on how their international experiences
can be utilized for future educational and professional pursuits.
Students will engage in structured discussions regarding their
overseas accomplishments as well as the knowledge and skills they
acquired while abroad. The class will focus on the completion of an
individualized "overseas studies portfolio poster" that enables
students to do two things:

* process the emotional, experiential, and academic dimensions of
the program they participated in; and

* compile and create a portfolio document that can be used to
support ongoing educational and professional pursuits.

The ways in which study abroad experiences can be integrated within
life at IU will also be explored. Charting A Hero's Journey (2000)
will be used as the primary text for the course.