Cultural Studies | Special Topics in Cultural Studies: Literary Studies and the Natural Sciences
C701 | 29504 | Halloran

In this class, we will read texts which explain the science of food
and cooking with some literary flair.  Beginning with Brillat
Savarin’s The Physiology of Taste and covering topics such as the
molecular structure of various types of food, the locavore movement,
food-borne illnesses and molecular gastronomy, we will explore several
genres of scientific writing about food that combine elegant prose,
exquisite description, and frequent meditations upon the nourishing
aspects of food and literature to both the soul and the mind.  Among
the authors whose works we will read are This Hervé, Oliver Sacks,
Russ Parsons, Barbara Kingsolver, Elizabeth Gilbert, Gary Paul Nabhan,
and Michael Pollan.