Education | Topical Seminar in Art Education: The Hidden Art Curriculum in Communities
J760 | 10180 | Vallance

(May be taken as Z550)
Instructor:  Dr. Elizabeth (Beau) Vallance
Monday, 4:00-6:45  Room 3125

This seminar explores the arts resources that exist beyond the
school building in communities large and small, and their
implications for defining art education and its goals.  Readings and
assignments explore the imagery and objects available in museums
(both art museums and other museums including historic houses, and
history centers) and displays at public libraries, retail displays
in shop windows, nearby landscapes and streetscapes,  street
furniture, murals, public sculpture, community festivals, posters
and billboards, and visual qualities of places of work. Students
will develop and critique teaching ideas for connecting community
resources to traditional art sources, and critique these resources
against established conceptions of art education.