Education | Culture Wars and the Struggle over Curriculum
J762 | 28249 | Goodman

Fall, 2009 Culture Wars and the Struggle over Curriculum

J762 - Education
1:00P-03:45PM on Thursdays
Room 3004
Professor: Jesse Goodman

In this seminar, we will explore historical and contemporary
cultural struggles over what should be taught U.S. public schools.
As many scholars have noted, public schools are one of several
social locations where, as citizens of an imperfect democracy, we
have fought to influence the nature of our society and the
conception of who we are as a people.  Some of the struggles to be
examined are over: social studies and history, new math, science,
sex education, religion, and language arts.  This seminar will
identify who (social classes and activists) have been advocates for
particular curricula, why they promote this curriculum, and the
impact this advocacy has had on the schooling of our young people,
and what this schooling means for our society.