Education | Introduction to the Autism Spectrum:
K500 | 0001 | Shertz

Instructor: Hannah Schertz,

The study of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is burgeoning with a
wealth of accumulating research on neurological underpinnings,
approaches to identification, and intervention practices.
This course will provide a broad survey of issues and trends in the
field and will promote critical examination of what is known and
unknown, effectiveness claims in the intervention literature, and
the perspectives of individuals with ASD and their families. It is
suitable both for practitioners with an interest in evidence-based
* Characteristics and developmental trajectories in ASD: Early
indicators, divergent outcomes, and challenges and strengths through
the lifespan
* Identification of ASD: Overview of screening and diagnostic
criteria, tools, and processes
* Overview of intervention practices: Intervention models, targeted
outcomes, and controversial treatments
* Personal and family perspectives: Insider perspectives, parent-
reported  experiences, and co-occurrence within families
The course is open to masterís and doctoral students with an
interest in the autism spectrum and implications for intervention.
Course activities will be conducted in an interactive online
environment featuring weekly discussions focused on topical
readings, projects, and in-depth exploration in areas of individual