M200 | 12246 | Vallance

This course substitutes for M135 or N110 for Elementary Education
majors, and substitutes as an Art History requirement for Art
Education certification majors.  Can be elective for other majors.

Tuesday & Thursday, 11:15-12:30
Wright Education Bldg 3025 and area museums
Instructor:  Dr. Elizabeth (Beau) Vallance
Associate Professor, Art Education

Overview: This course explores the meanings and uses of both
ordinary and special objects as displayed in museum settings, retail
spaces, private homes, and disjointed locations such as yard sales
and recycling centers.  Through weekly museum and site visits,
readings, and written assignments, this course explores our
reactions to objects in varying settings and their implications for
getting the most out of museum visits and using the things of
everyday life in teaching in both K-12 and museum settings.