Education | Topical Seminar in Science Education:University Science Teaching
Q612 | 30018 | Maltese

Fall 2009 EDUC-Q612: University Science Teaching (3 credits) **Class
is listed as Topical Seminar in Science Education**

Instructor Adam Maltese
Meeting Time: Tuesday 4-6:45

University Science Teaching is designed for graduate students and
postdocs in the sciences who are looking to improve their teaching -
especially those who plan to pursue academic positions. Class will
incorporate current findings from educational and psychological
research on how people learn and apply this research to the teaching
of science to young adult and adult learners. Coverage of relevant
topics as well as involvement in teaching and observations will
provide students with the chance to discuss, observe and practice
methods shown to improve engagement and learning.  As part of this
course, students will prepare syllabi and teaching philosophy
statements to use during the academic job search.

Topics will include:
- Differentiation  Teaching in a classroom of diverse learners
- Conceptual Change
- Active Learning in lab and lecture
- Assessment
- Classroom management, planning, use of technology in the
classroom, etc.