English | Introduction to Old English
G601 | 28850 | Fulk

G601 28850 FULK (#6)
Introduction to Old English

4:00p – 5:15p TR

This course is designed to provide all the language background
necessary to the professional study of Old English texts, including
the essentials of Old English phonology, morphology, syntax,
semantics, and dialect variation.  But it also demands some
attention to the history and prehistory of the language,
particularly its phonological development.  And so the normal
business of the course will be the day-to-day translation of texts
in class, supplemented by lectures on the structure and history of
the language.  We will be reading texts in prose and verse and
studying such aspects of Anglo-Saxon culture as runic inscriptions,
material manuscript culture, the ends and modes of textual
production, and the history of the period, especially the
devastating Scandinavian invasions.  But this is primarily a
language course, so most of our time will be devoted to studying the
structure of the Old English language.  There will be two
examinations devoted chiefly to translation, along with some shorter
assignments, and a final project that will involve a paper of no
more than ten pages.  The textbooks will be John C. Pope's Eight Old
English Poems and Dorothy Whitelock’s revision of Sweet’s Anglo-
Saxon Reader, supplemented by an Old English grammar available
through Oncourse.