English | Intro Writing & Study of Lit 1
L141 | 7094-7099 | Hedin


TOPIC: Generational Stories
7094     11:15a-12:05p     TR     WH 101     Hedin, Ray

7096     10:10a-11:00a     MW     TBA
7099     11:15a-12:05p     MW     TBA
7095     12:20p-1:10p      MW     TBA
7097     12:20p-1:10p      MW     TBA
7098     1:25p-2:15p       MW     TBA

This course will focus on generational stories: stories that address
various relationships between generations (family; parent-child;
adult-child). The assumption behind this course is that these
relationships are central to most of us, and that we can benefit
from looking at stories that clarify (and complicate) the way we
understand them. We will also look at works that are recognized as
effectively capturing the mood of an entire generation.

We will address these topics through stories because stories are the
primary mechanism by which individuals and cultures make sense of
everything that matters to them. So I will begin with a lecture on
the way that stories do make sense of things; the sense-making power
of stories will continue as a focus throughout the course. We will
then turn to a wide range of stories and forms - fairy tales, two
children's books, short stories and novels, films - in which
generational issues are addressed.