English | Literary Interpretation
L202 | 2925 | Maurice Manning

Maurice Manning

PREREQUISITE:  Completion of the English Composition requirement.

Open to majors and declared minors only.

2925 - 11:15a-12:30p TR (25 students) 3 cr., A&H, IW.

TOPIC:  “Far Out!”

The focus of this course is to introduce students to a variety of
literary genres (drama, poetry, fiction, and essays), and to develop
the basic skills of literary analysis and appreciation. We will
learn to read with care and precision. We will thoroughly discuss
our reading in order to understand the complexities of a writer’s
subject matter and the craft with which it is presented. Finally,
because this is a “writing intensive” section, you will write
several papers in which you advance your own ideas and analysis of
the readings.  I’d also like to give this course a thematic focus.
All literature “happens” in a place, and sometimes that place is a
significant factor in the events of a story, the turning point of a
play, the contemplations of a poem.  In fact, in many works of
literature human experience is often transformed or refined by being
thrust into the natural world, whether that world is a wilderness or
a pastoral scene of idealized domestic bliss.  Everything we’ll
read, therefore, will have a dimension of outdoor education.  Our
reading list includes: King Lear; short stories by Hemingway and
D.H. Lawrence; Cather’s O Pioneers!; essays by Emerson and Thoreau;
poems by Goldsmith, Coleridge, Hopkins, Basho, and Oliver, among