English | Feminist Literature and Cultural Criticism
L389 | 30990 | Karma Lochrie

L389 Feminist Literature and Cultural Criticism
Karma Lochrie

30990 - 9:30a-10:45a TR (11 students) 3 cr., A&H.

TOPIC:  "Queer Theory"

This course will investigate the meaning of queer today and the way
in which “queering” has come to signify a way of reading literary
texts.  Beginning with a historical overview of the development of
sexuality studies from the nineteenth century to Kinsey and finally
to the advent of queer activism in the 1980s, this course will focus
on particular theorists who have contributed to the queer study of
sexuality in the present, including Michel Foucault, Leo Bersani,
Judith Butler, Eve Sedgewick, Lee Edelman, and Michael Warner.  We
will also explore the interconnections between gender and sexuality
sexuality with a view towards the recent emergence of transgender
studies.  In addition to our theoretical and historical foci, we
will read a variety of literary texts from the early twentieth
century Autobiography of an Androgyne to the recent graphic novel
Fun Home, and we will consider efforts to extend the queer beyond
sexuality, as in the recent film, I’m Not There.  There will be two
major papers in the course, as well as short response papers, and a
final exam.