English | Studies in Women & Literature
L673 | TBA | Gubar

L673  TBA  GUBAR  (#5)
Studies in Women & Literature

1:00p – 2:15p TR

This romp through twentieth-century literature will engage us in a
hefty amount of reading in fiction, poetry, and drama composed by
women from the modernist period to contemporary times and from
diverse geo-political contexts.  All of the literary texts will be
available in the second volume of The Norton Anthology of Literature
by Women (NALW, 3rd edition).  Readings will be organized around
contemporary theoretical debates about 1) gender and sexuality
studies, 2) gender and critical race studies, 3)  gender and genre,
4)  gender and nation, 5) gender and trauma studies. Most of the
theoretical texts will be available in The Norton Reader of Feminist
Literary Theory and Criticism (FLTC), though a few will be posted on

By integrating literature and literary history into discussions of
theoretical insights, we will try to stretch, undermine, qualify, or
extend such abstract propositions.  Throughout the semester, then,
our discussions will revolve around one question: how do literary
and aesthetic specificities enlarge or contradict, supplement or
supplant the abstract generalizations posed by the theorists we

Students will be asked to sign up for two one-page position papers
to be distributed and presented to the class:  this position paper
can deal directly with the literature or relate some aspect of the
theory to the literature. Two short papers (12-15) pages will be
assigned, one due at mid-semester and one due at the end of the
term.  Students will be encouraged to use these as potential
conference presentations on some aspect of twentieth-century women’s
literary history.