English | Special Topics in Literary Study & Theory
L680 | 8940 | Ingham/Guterl

L680/G620   8940/29209   INGHAM/GUTERL (#6)
Special Topics in Literary Study and Theory

11:15a – 12:30p TR


This course is an introduction to key debates and theories of
Comparative Ethnic Studies and Post-Colonial Studies. Both
Comparative Ethnic and Post-Colonial Studies draw on theories and
histories of race, ideology, gender, class, culture, nation,
citizenship, and diaspora. Comparative Ethnic Studies focuses on the
processes by which particular groups are racialized, foregrounding
both differences and
interrelations between intra-national groups as articulated during
various historical periods. Rather than positing ethnicity as an
object to be studied, current work in this field examines the
shifting shapes of the categories "race,” “ethnicity,” and “culture"
along with particular productions of ethnic differences, and the
categories used to understand them. As a parallel and related field,
Post-Colonial Studies has also been concerned with enduring
methodological questions (the problem of the historical archive,
canon formation, the exclusion of linguistic and cultural minorities
from memory) and with questions of the agency of particular subjects
vis-ŕ-vis the hegemony of imperial formations. Bridging these two
fields, and engaging with issues of representation and material
production, of temporality and the vicissitudes of history-writing,
this course will offer a comparative consideration of the
methodological moves and interpretive controversies that mark the
shared terrain of Comparative Ethnic Studies and Post-Colonial

Course requirements will include engaged seminar participation,
short writing assignments, and a final conference style paper, 10-15
pages in length. Cross listed with American Studies.