Fine Arts | Topics in Art History: 20th Century Art
A342 | 27010 | Kennedy, Janet

Twentieth-century art encompasses a tremendous variety of artists and
art media: paintings by Matisse and Picasso, large canvases dripped
and poured by Jackson Pollock, found objects, Pop art, conceptual,
performance, and installation art, to name only a few. Art produced by
twentieth-century artists is sometimes beautiful but is frequently
challenging, ugly, and urgent. The course will provide a sampling of
artists and art movements from 1900 to the present. Course objectives
are: (1) basic literacy in the names, terms, and movements associated
with twentieth-century art, (2) an understanding of the major
patterns, turning points, and questions that have shaped
twentieth-century art, (3) an ability to make informed arguments about
the pros and cons of various types of twentieth-century art, (4)
experience in locating sources of information: books from the Fine
Arts Library, electronic resources provided by the IU Libraries, and
internet searches.
3 essay exams, occasional in-class writing assignments, and one 2-3
page paper.