Folklore | Intro to Folklore in the U.S.
F131 | 3366 | P. Shukla

People from all over the world call the United States home. Some
arrived centuries ago, others arrived a few years ago. Along with
ambition and family, all of them bring with them their expressive

This class looks at contemporary cultural expressions in the United
States by focusing on folklore  defined as creativity in everyday
life. Through lectures, videos, slides, audio recordings and a few
guest lectures, we explore folklore in the U.S. now, for example, by
studying urban legends, personal narratives, tattoos, and car art.
We understand the present by looking at the past, seeing European,
African, Native American, and Asian influences on the architecture,
folktales, food, and body art of the United States.

Students in the class will engage in two field projects, collecting
folklore around them, analyzing the stories, jokes, body art, and
home decoration within their own social circles.

Fulfills COLL Arts & Humanities