Folklore | Advanced Seminar
F497 | 7028 | S. Tuohy

Authorization is required for this course - contact

This is the capstone seminar for majors and minors in the Department
of Folklore and Ethnomusicology (students in other departments
should contact the instructor for approval to enroll in the course).
The course provides an opportunity for students 1) to consolidate
and build upon knowledge learned through individual courses and
experiences; 2) to apply that knowledge in a sustained project of
significant intellectual and/or practical value to be completed this
semester; and 3) to prepare for their futures.

Students will complete a common core of readings on topics such
basic concepts in folklore/ethnomusicology and techniques for
research, writing, and other modes of presentation.  The bulk of the
semester's work, however, will be specific to each student's
individual project and needs.  Students also will complete a
portfolio of their work to date, with an eye toward future
educational and career plans.  Class members will meet together in a
seminar setting to discuss projects, portfolios, and relevant
theories and methods. And they will work in collaboration to support
and improve upon their work.

As in all classes, the course will help students to continue to
refine skills in communication, research, critical thinking, and
scholarship--including research methods, conceptualization,
evaluation and use of relevant sources, and writing.  With an
emphasis on the work of synthesis and reflection, the primary aim
for F497 is for students to emerge from this course--and from their
experience in the department and at IU--feeling competent in their
chosen field and confident that the knowledge they have acquired can
be transformed into worthwhile endeavors in the near and distant