Folklore | Law & Culture
F755 | 9501 | B. Stoeltje

Fulfills: Form & Theory

Above course meets with AMST-G751 and ANTH-E675.

Societies, small and large, develop the means for maintaining
continuity over time and for resolving conflicts consistent with the
values of the society.  This course will focus on these issues as
the relationship between law and society cross-culturally. As much
of the literature concerning legal anthropology developed in the
study of African societies, we will read some early anthropology
studies focusing on law and custom, some studies that concern the
relationship between law and colonialism, and some more recent ones
that address the complexities of contemporary law in Africa today,
including concerns of human rights and women's rights. We will also
address issues current in the U.S., including the relationship
between law and popular culture, law and race, and matters of
intellectual property. The role of narrative in the performance of
law will also be considered.

Students will write several short reviews of specific readings and
present them in class, and will write two papers - one short paper at
mid-point through the semester and one long paper at the end of the

Readings will include a Reader and Culture and Rights as well as