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F450 | 12192 | Staff

Topic: Locations, Journeys, and Self-Discovery in French Novels (1900-

Physical and spiritual journeys are often linked, with the former
inspiring and often provoking a fuller understanding of the self and
of one’s relationship with social structures. In the novels we will
be studying in class, the spiritual journeys include the gradual
revelation of the absurdity of life and the struggle for women to
break away from social bonds, as well as personal discoveries about
sexuality and the self.

Gide - L'Immoraliste (1902)
Colette - La Vagabonde (1910)
Sartre - La Nausee (1938)
Duras - Moderato cantabile (1952)
Camus - La Chute (1956)
Butor - La Modification (1957)

Students will be asked to write a “close reading” of a passage, an
oral presentation, and a final paper. Course will be taught in
French. Above class carries COLL A & H distribution credit.